Custom Meat Processing [The Process]

Charlton & I have a passion to provide quality & affordable food products to consumers! That's why we started marketing locally grown meat from farmer to consumer.

We are currently not set up to raise all the animals ourselves that we market for custom processing. However, we work with other local farmers in our area to fill the processing appointments we schedule. My dad & brother raise all the hogs, my father in law raises most of the beef & a very long time family friend fills in any other beef appointments we might need. You are truly supporting local as you purchase animals that have been raised within 50 miles of our home.

Step one: Secure your processing date by paying your deposit

Step two: We will obtain your cut list from you. Don't stress about this part! We can help guide you through the best cuts that will fit your family's needs! 

Step three: We will arrange for animal to be delivered to the processor & contact you with your final total.

Step four: We will contact you about delivering your meat to your door (within 50 miles of Albion)   

**See our beef and pork product descriptions on our product page for price information & other details.

Be sure to reach out if you would like to be put on our list for an upcoming appointment! Contact us at or 618-302-4977. If you mention that you viewed our website for custom meat processing information, you will receive $15 off your purchase.

**see processing dates below**

Upcoming Hog Appointments 2024

July 18th @ WP Meat Company

September 19th @ WP Meat Company




Upcoming Beef Appointments 2024


June 6th @ Legacy Meats

October 15th @ WP Meat Company