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Half Beef Deposit

Half Beef Deposit

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We do require a non refundable $500 deposit to secure your spot. You may move dates (must be at least a 2 week notice before your scheduled processing date or your deposit cannot be transferred to another date). The price is $5.25/pound hanging weight. This includes all processing fees!
**EXCEPT if you would like patties. If you would like patties there will be a small fee added at the end depending on amount of patties.**

*an approximate breakdown for a half of a beef would be comparable to 390 pound hanging weight. 390x5.25=$2,047.50 with approximately 234 lbs of meat making your final cost $8.75/lb of meat! This is based on a 1300 lb live beef. Pounds and dollar amount will fluctuate depending on live weight of animal.

What questions can I answer for you? Contact us at or 618-302-4977 for more information.

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